Post-Treatment Care

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Our  Post-Treatment Care line of take-home products provides patients with convenient regimen for skin care following the Villani Treatment™ in-office resurfacing and exfoliating procedure. The products contain the exclusive VSM Extract™ in its most active form.  They aid in the restoration, renewal, and optimization of the skin.  Use of these products is highly recommended to achieve the best possible results and minimize downtime associated with exfoliation.  The post-treatment products are rich in sponge-derived compounds that are beneficial for the skin.  Nourishing proteins, sea-derived vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals and nutrients in the formulations replenish the skin with the elements essential for beautiful and healthy skin. Every ingredient and formula used in the post-treatment products has been thoroughly reviewed and tested by chemists, toxicologists, clinicians, pharmacists and physicians for safety and effectiveness.