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At-Home Treatment System

V-PACK™ At-Home Treatment System is being developed in response to overwhelming demand from patients and physician alike for a consumer-friendly version of the Villani Treatment™, which patients and consumers can use safely at home either as a standalone treatment or for maintenance between the professional in-office Villani Treatments™. The system consists of a pack of 4 of the Villani At-Home Treatments™. In addition, an emollient cleanser, toner, post-treatment soothing gel, healing moisturizer, exfoliator, and intensive serum are being developed to complement the Villani At-Home Treatments™ for optimal results. All products will contain the proprietary sponge-derived VSM™ Extract. The Villani At-Home Treatment™ has 50% of strength of the professional Villani Treatment™. The reconstitution of the Villani At-Home Treatment™ with a diluent specifically formulated for the Villani At-Home Treatment™ results in a chemically different product from that in the professional Villani Treatment™.  The VSM Microparticles™ of the Villani At-Home Treatment™ are sized differently from that in the Villani Treatment. ™