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Villani Sponge Matrix™ or VSM™ is a product in a powder form that represents a mixture of natural  compounds and microparticles (VSM Microparticles™), derived from a unique aquatic sponge; and used by medical professionals in the in-office resurfacing & rejuvenating procedure called the Villani Treatment™.  VSM™ has a unique therapeutic properties beneficial to skin. 

Each lot of VSM™ is individually analyzed by HPLC and tested for purity, potency and compliance with the USP Test Method for Total Bio-burden to ensure consistent quality.  Fine and Course Grades of VSM™ are differentiated by the size of the VSM Microparticles™, which are derived from the sponge natural skeletal structures and scientifically sized to penetrate the epidermis of the skin. VSM™ is not stable in a liquid form and requires reconstitution prior to administration. VSM™ is packaged in single-dose type I glass pharmaceutical vials, designed specifically for the VSM™ and manufactured by a pharmaceutical packaging company exclusively for Villani Medical. The  single-dose type I glass pharmaceutical vials facilitate long shelf life and reconstitution of VSM™. Non-reactive rubber stoppers (with special coatings and films to prevent reaction with VSM™) and tamper-evident flip-off seals for the vials are also designed and manufactured by pharmaceutical packaging company. Different doses of VSM™ can be reconstituted with different diluents or reagents in these custom vials to customize the Villani Treatment™, depending on the dermatological condition to be treated. This provides great convenience and flexibility to physicians offering Villani Treatment™ in their offices.

How it Works

Upon massaging reconstituted VSM™ Powder into the skin, uniformly sized microparticles (the sponge natural skeleton) penetrate the epidermis. The VSM Microparticles™ increase the production of elastin and collagen without causing injury.  In addition, the penetration of VSM Microparticles™: a) delivers bioactive compounds deeper into the skin, b) increases blood flow, c) accelerates skin turnover, d) reduces keratinocytes cohesion, and e) facilitates resurfacing of the top epidermal layer.  VSM Microparticles™ shed off together with sloughing loose keratinocytes within the next 5 days, opening pores and revealing new rejuvenated skin. The net effect is enhanced aesthetic appearance all without the typical downtime and adverse effects associated with other resurfacing & rejuvenating modalities.